GDR Neutrino - Working Group 5


To become member of this group (without losing your primary group affiliation) you can simply write us an email and we will transmit your request to the CC administrators.

Once you are a member of the gdrnu group, in order to profit from the pre-installed software, you have to type the following line after you log in to the CC:

Software at the Centre de Calcul

newgroup --temp gdrnu

This will change your group temporarily until your next login or until you type “exit”.

From this moment on you will be able to run the installed software without further configuration required.

How to access the gdrnu group

A new group “gdrnu” at the CC Lyon has been created especially for the GDR neutrino users.

The available software is installed in the $THRONG_DIR and for the moment we have:

  1. GENIE

  2. GLoBES

  3. OscGUI

In case you need a specific software not yet available feel free to contact us.